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No.Title|Other Titles|Author|Author's alias|Degree Report no.|Date of Granted(Date)|Journal Title|Other Journal Title|Volume|No|Date of Publication|NII type.JuNII(Jpn)
1'-Acetoxychavicol Acetate Ameliorates Age-related Spatial Memory Deterioration by Increasing Serum Ketone Body Production as a Complementary Energy Source for Neuronal Cells||Kojima-Yuasa, Akiko / Yamamoto, Tomiya / Yaku, Keisuke / Hirota, Shiori / Takenaka, Shigeo / Kawabe, Kouichi / Matsui-Yuasa, Isao|湯浅(小島), 明子 / 山本, 富矢 / 夜久, 圭介 / 広田, 栞 / 竹中, 重雄 / 川邉, 光一 / 湯浅(松井), 勲|||Chemico-Biological Interactions||257||2016-09-25|学術雑誌論文
Effects of chronic forced-swim stress on behavioral properties in rats with neonatal repeated MK-801 treatment||Kawabe, Kouichi|川邉, 光一|||Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior||159||2017-08|学術雑誌論文
新生仔期NMDA受容体拮抗薬反復投与動物の行動特性 : 統合失調症動物モデルとして|Behavioral properties in rats and mice with repeated neonatal treatment by NMDA antagonists : as an animal model for schizophrenia|川辺, 光一|Kawabe, Kouichi|||人文研究|STUDIES IN THE HUMANITIES|65||2014-03|紀要論文
ラットの視覚的遅延見本合わせ学習|Visual delayed matching-to-sample learning in rats|川辺, 光一|Kawabe, Kouichi|||人文研究|STUDIES IN THE HUMANITIES|55|3|2004-03|紀要論文
海馬の長期増強の抑制・亢進に伴った学習・記憶能力の変化 : McEachern & Shaw(1996)の可塑性病理学的変性連続体モデルに関する一考察|Alterations in learning and memory following inhibition or enhancement of hippocampl model proposed by McEachern & Shaw(1996)|川辺, 光一|Kawabe, Kouichi|||人文研究|STUDIES IN THE HUMANITIES|53|3|2001-12|紀要論文