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No.Title|Other Titles|Author|Author's alias|Degree Report no.|Date of Granted(Date)|Journal Title|Other Journal Title|Volume|No|Date of Publication|NII type.JuNII(Jpn)
Improvement of Damping Property of CFRP Composite Beam Interleaved with Shape Memory Polymer Using CFRP Laminate as a Heater||Oshima, Nobuo / Inui, Daisuke / Fukuda, Takehito|大島, 信生 / 乾, 大輔 / 福田, 武人|||Memoirs of the Faculty of Engineering Osaka City University||38||1997-12|紀要論文
Effects of Waveform and Frequency of Electric Fields on Vibration Responses of an Electro-Rheological Fluids Based CFRP Cantilevered Beam||Oshima, Nobuo / Matsusaka, Yasuyuki / Fukuda, Takehito|大島, 信生 / 松阪, 泰之 / 福田, 武人|||Memoirs of the Faculty of Engineering Osaka City University||37||1996-12|紀要論文
Damping Properties of Fiber Composite Laminates with Shape Memory Polymer Film as an Interleaf||FUKUDA, Takehito / OSHIMA, Nobuo|福田, 武人 / 大島, 信生|||Memoirs of the Faculty of Engineering Osaka City University||35||1994-12|紀要論文
制御可能な拘束粘弾性層を有する複合材はりの振動特性に関する研究||大島, 信生|OSHIMA, Nobuo|甲第1521号|1998-03-24||||||学位論文(要旨)